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Tips for Advertising on Amazon in the New Year

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Tips for Advertising on Amazon in the New Year

If you are an Amazon Seller, you are constantly looking for new ways to have your product reach new people. One of the best ways to do this is through good advertising. Below, our experienced Amazon Seller CPA has compiled a list of several advertising tips that can help you market your product as efficiently as possible in the new year. They are as follows:

  • Ensure you do solid keyword research–there are few things more important than hitting the right number of keywords. Though you should never overload your ads with keywords, it is always best to create strong, keyword-rich content.
  • Once you create an ad, give it some time. Generally, it is best to wait up to 14 days to allow your ad to gain some traction. All too often, people will place an ad and then pull it/change it after a matter of days for fear that their ad is lacking or “bad” in some way.
  • Capitalize on all the Amazon has to offer. To start, you should ensure you take The Learning Console, which is an Amazon-offered course that if you pass the final test, you will be Amazon-certified to run ads on the platform. Additionally, you should constantly refer back to the Amazon advertising blog for helpful information regarding running a successful ad campaign.
  • Understand that Amazon is not Google. If you are someone who is used to selling on Google, you will have to adjust to how search results are generated. This means that though both Amazon and Google use “broad match,” they mean different things, which is why you must tailor your descriptions to better suit Amazon’s definition.
  • Always keep yourself up to date on the newest Amazon ad programs, as they are constantly coming out with new ones, all of which you may use to your benefit, depending on your product and circumstances.

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