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Tips for Selling on Amazon Prime Day this June

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Tips for Selling on Amazon Prime Day this June

Amazon has officially announced that the next Prime Day is scheduled for June 21 and 22. Amazon Prime Day is the second largest shopping day of the year next to Black Friday. We’re sure that you want to get a head start on prepping and planning for the big day. Continue reading to discover some of the best tips for selling on Amazon Prime Day to take advantage of this sale day.

Be Prepared

The days leading up to Amazon Prime Day are just as important as the actual sale. This way, you can use the days ahead of your sale to alert your customers that your prices will be some of the best they’ll see for your products all year. Get the word out on social media for existing customers and utilize digital advertising to draw in potential new customers. This means prepping your social media campaigns, SEO content, and online marketing for the big day. It is also useful to do your research on the price point your products should be marked as relating to the competition and their sales.

Double Check Your Inventory

The last thing you want during Prime Day is to have a hot sale going and you run out of inventory before the sale has a chance to end. Prime Day always marks an increase in demand for inventory and it is best to be overprepared than underprepared. Popular items will be sold fast and you will want to utilize this time period the best you can.

Get Your Policies In Order

While your orders will increase significantly, it is smart to get ahead of the ball by considering your return and refund policies. Many retailers may prolong their returns and refunds policy during an increase in sales such as the Prime Day holiday so that less time is wasted in handling. This step is simple, send out a message to your customers to be sure they are aware of your new policies.

Consider Hiring Temporary Help

It is possible that Amazon Prime Day will increase your sales to the point that you will need to bring on extra help. It doesn’t hurt to consider hiring temporary help for the occasion. As long as you have the capability of fulfilling your orders, you should create a plan to execute this holiday with ease rather than stress.

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