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Amazon Wardrobe lets you try before you buy

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Amazon Wardrobe lets you try before you buy

Amazon Wardrobe lets you try before you buy

One of the benefits of shopping for clothes in a brick and mortar store is that if you aren’t sure if you love an item, you can try it on in the dressing room and make a decision right in the store. However, if you are shopping online, which many people do, you don’t have this same luxury. Amazon wants to delve deeper into the clothing market and is tackling the lack of dressing room problem. They recently announced Amazon Prime Wardrobe, which allows you to try before you buy. The program is only available to Amazon Prime customers, not those who aren’t Prime members. Currently, the program is only in a beta stage but will be available to Prime users soon.

First, you fill your Amazon Prime box with at least three items. Amazon will send you the Prime Wardobe box with whichever clothes, accessories, and shoes you’ve chosen. You won’t actually have to pay for any of it until you decide what you want to keep. All customers will have seven days to try everything on and choose to purchase what they like best. Customers can return the unwanted items for free back to Amazon. If you keep five items or more, you get 20% off your total purchase. Those who choose to keep 3 or 4 items will get a 10% discount.

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