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How to Contact the Buyer after a Bad Amazon Review

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How to Contact the Buyer after a Bad Amazon Review

Reviews are essential for a successful Amazon listing. Amazon understands that negative reviews can have a huge impact on a listing and has released a new feature called Contact the Buyer for Brand-Registered Sellers. This tool can be used to improve the customer experience by contacting buyers who have had a negative experience with your product.

To access this new feature, you will select Customer Reviews under the Brands Menu. On this page, you will see the option to “Contact Buyer” to the right of reviews that are less than 4 stars. Continue reading to discover the top tips for utilizing this new feature to benefit your listing and improve your customer experience.

Be professional.

When contacting your customers, you want to provide excellent customer service, especially to those who had a negative experience with your listing. Use this feature to demonstrate that you care about their review and want to grow from their experience. It is also important to use this feature in a timely manner. You want to contact your buyers as soon as you notice a negative review so you can right a wrong as soon as possible. This will also increase your customer service reputation.

Check if the review is legitimate.

Before you use the Contact Buyer feature, it is important to double-check if a review is even legitimate. Unfortunately, there are ways for users to meddle and provide negative reviews on their competition’s listings to boost their own visibility. If you suspect this is the case, it is important to report this to Amazon so they can crack down on targeting such as this.

Note Common Negative Comments

Instead of getting defensive or personally insulted by negative reviews, it is important to monitor your poor reviews by looking for common points and comments. For example, if you have multiple customers complaining about sizing, receiving the wrong product, quality control, or inaccurate product description, you will want to take action as soon as possible. Noticing a pattern in any of these topics should set off alarm bells immediately. Use this as a chance to take a look at your product or listing and adjust accordingly. Monitoring your reviews is essential in improving your Amazon listings and building trust between you and your customers.

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